Legal Information and Copyright

We publish The Open Sewers Collective in Germany.

In Germany, there is a distinction between Urheberrecht and Nutzungsrecht. The Urheberrecht belongs to the creator of the text. It is intransferable. The Nutzungsrecht defines how the text is used by a third party, in this case us.

Before publishing your text, you will be asked to give us what is called einfaches, inhaltlich beschränktes Nutzungsrecht, which means: All rights regarding your texts remain with you, but you give us permission to use them for the upcoming issue of our magazine. You can give the same permission to other parties, too. You can also allow us to use your texts to advertise our magazine on Social Media etc.You can revoke the Nutzungsrecht, the permission, in case of Nichtausübung, meaning we didn't publish your texts, or Gewandelter Überzeugung, meaning you no longer agree with or otherwise stand behind your text.