About The Open Sewers Collective

The Open Sewers Collective is the result of two cohabiting writers who spent the pandemic cooped up with their books. Now it has become possible again to reach out to the sphere of (dis-)assembling language through writing and reading, and to (re-)situate ourselves within the texts we were and are confronted with. We attempt to create, with this literary magazine, a space that concerns all who want to participate, not just those who adhere to pre-determined styles, topics and opinions; an inclusive space for communication, support and collaborative creative processes.

Mirek Heißenbüttel


Co-founding Editor

Mirek studies Comparative Literature and Japanese Studies. He is in charge of poetry and journalistic work. 


Marz Sappler 


Co-founding Editor and Creative Director

Marz studies Comparative Literature and Slavic Studies. They are responsible for prose forms and translations.