Submissions are currently closed.

If you are interested in seeing your work published in our next issue, you will find a guideline to the submission process and all the additional information you need below. Since this is a non-profit magazine, we cannot currently offer compensation for your texts, but you will receive a copy of your published work. 

Everyone can submit their work, although we encourage especially those without prior publishing experience, and those who belong to marginalized communities to do so. You can choose to publish anonymously. Your texts will be published with trigger warnings, if necessary. We have a zero-tolerance policy for texts that promote racism, sexism, queerphobia, ableism or other discrimination of any kind. 

Please submit texts in both word and pdf format. Name your files as follows: "LastName_Title". Layout, font, etc. will be unified whithin the editing process. If we accept too many of your texts or your text is too long for one issue, we offer to split them between upcoming issues.


You can submit texts on any topic or theme and in any language, but please add a German or English translation, if necessary.


  • Poetry
  • Short Prose 
  • Serialised Novels
  • Creative Nonfiction

Journalistic writing

  • Personal Essays
  • Popular Scientific Writing
  • Reviews (of Literature, Movies, Shows, Music, ect.)


We accept translations of any type of literature, if you have legal permission to publish it. We can inquire about the legal situation of for you, if you wish. 

Submit your texts to

We will get back to you within a few weeks after the submission deadline. This is what happens next:

We let you know that we want to publish your text.

We get back to you with suggestions on how to improve your text. If you decide to incorporate the feedback, it will be published, depending on the timing either in the upcoming issue or in the next one.

If our response should be negative, we still warmly encourage you to try again for the next issue (six months later). We have to choose texts that compliment each other for each issue, so it is not necessarily a comment on the quality of your text. 

If you receive an edited version of your text,

you review our changes and give us legal approval,

then comes the final editing and layout,

and you give us the final okay on the layout of your text.

Your text goes into print and is published after which you will receive your copy of the magazine.